Conceal/Reveal II

Conceal/Reveal II, 2016


Conceal/Reveal II


Marina Hanser is a Canberra based emerging glass artist. Originally from Austria, she moved to Australia in 2010 to complete a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree with Honors at the Australian National University. She has studied glass in various institutions in Europe, including Glasfachschule Kramsach (Austria) and Vetroricerca Glass School (Italy).

Through her studies in a variety of countries she has gained a diverse and extensive educational background in glass. She embraces not only a multitude of techniques through these countries traditions, but combines, adjusts, and incorporates them into her own creative practice.

She has developed innovative processes in her area of expertise, subsequently receiving international recognition, including the Warm Glass Prize (UK), Bullseye Glass Residency (US), Canberra Glassworks Residency (AU) and her work was published in the New Glass Review 36.

Marina’s work focuses on the theme of loss, grief, remembrance and the process of healing from psychological wounds. She works metaphorically with the idea of the wound, healing and transformation, drawing influence from medical, scientific and emotional concepts, material investigations as well as her own personal experience.